Face ID + Touchless Fingerprinting

Face ID: More than Just a Way to Unlock Your Phone

You may not realize it, but face ID is the single greatest advancement in the prevention and recovery of lost or missing children and adults. With the proliferation of CCTV security systems, law enforcement now has mountains of new opportunities to find those who go missing. But manually reviewing thousands of hours of footage from potentially hundreds of cameras is a herculean task for large police departments. For small departments, it’s all but impossible. The biometric features inside our app are designed to provide law enforcement with high-quality images suitable for facial recognition. Now, using AI, police can scan thousands of hours of footage in mere seconds to find your loved ones.

Touchless Fingerprinting: No Ink, No Paper, No Problem

Your fingerprints don’t change, but they do grow. If you’re the parent of a child, law enforcement recommends that you fingerprint your child at least once a year. Until now, getting kids fingerprints taken was quite a hassle. You’d have to make an appointment, wrangle the kids down to the police station and make them sit still as they were inked up by an officer while you prayed they didn’t touch their clothes before you could wipe the very permanent ink off their hands. With My Family ID, those days are long gone; now you can capture their fingerprints with a simple click of a button and have access to those records at a moment's notice.

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We’re partnering with community organizations from around the country to provide our service 100% free of charge. Check out our current partnerships.

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